Debut album The Wooden Faces now also available through all digital streaming services

Due to great success, debut album Flying The Wrong Way by The Wooden Faces is now also available on all streaming services. On May 15, the album was released as a digital download and on cassette. Last week the band already released a video clip in ‘lockdown style’ for ‘Flowers of Regret’. So now all songs can be heard online.

The Wooden Faces mix R.E.M., Tom Petty and The Smiths. The album has eleven songs. Sensitive and heavy rock songs alternate, in which the flawless vocals make every song a complete work of art. Flying The Wrong Way was recorded in two ways simultaneously: digital and analog. This is to make clear what the difference is. These together form a unique way to immortalize music!

The analog version is only available on cassette. The music was recorded, mixed and mastered with only analog equipment directly on the cassette. This cassette is intended as a unique means of listening to the music.
The digital download has been edited, mixed and mastered using advanced technology. And now you can also listen online.

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