Who Is Gentlemen Recordings?

Currently, we are an independent record label based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Founded by two neighbors who were dissatisfied with the musical landscape. Slowly we’ve grown into a bigger label with more dedicated people joining.

We maintain a steady stream of (international) contacts and don’t shy away from international acts either. Our artists come from Scotland, Ireland, England, Belgium and The Netherlands, but we’re always looking for interesting projects.

I have a kickass demo I'd love for you to hear, may I?

Demo’s have more of a shot to be heard when you physically send them to us. Max is in charge of listening to any new and unheard of bands. You can send your demo to:

Sourystraat 26c
3039 ST, Rotterdam

Alternatively you can also send your demo to: ronald@gentlemenrecordings.com, please provide a soundcloud/spotify link, a demo and possibly as much information about yourself as possible. Ronald listens to everything you throw at him but it might take a while to get back to you.

I ordered some time ago, but still haven't received it, what gives?

We’re very sorry to hear that. Being still a little fish in a big ocean means that we have to work that much harder. But because of this it is possible that your order fell through the cracks. We are very¬†sorry about that. Fans are what give the bands meaning, and we don’t mean to do any disservice. If you feel that you went neglected or haven’t received your order on time, do not hesitate to mail us on one of the following mailadresses, and we will clear it up for you in no time!

adwin@gentlemenrecordings.com (webmaster | owner | shopkeeper)
ronald@gentlemenrecordings.com (owner | A&R | management | distribution)
marcel@gentlemenrecordings.com (distribution | A&R | bookings)