Seb Wesson releases debut single ‘The Fire’ on February 24

Seb Wesson’s new album the Man From the Moon is his first solo full album release. Having cut his teeth working with UK band Munkster he toured opening for the likes of Biffy Clyro and Damien Rice. Post the demise of this Munkster he spent years as a side and session man for artists as well as working on other band projects such as Misdirectors, a Captain side project (Seb is also current guitarist in the band Captain). Then more recently has been working on a solo writing project which began with the Tigers EP in 2017. This follow up is the sum of the last few years of creativity including the lockdown period in global history and draws from Influences such as Elliott Smith, Damien Rice and Tom pett. This new record includes some input from some incredible musicians including Paul Stewart and Ciaran Jeramiah from The Feeling, Iain Hornal of 10CC and ELO, Alex Yeoman from Captain, Alex Richards of Mohair as well as Sinead Quinn, Hope Winter, Stuart Wilkinson and many other superbly talented musicians that are also good friends. The record was written and produced by Seb and was mixed and Mastered by Jo Webb.

The Fire is the first single from this new work and features all the layered vocals, electric and acoustic guitar parts, as well as warm keyboard textures, killer rhythm sections and experienced song writing that make up The Man From the Moon.