New band The Wooden Faces comes with first album on cassette

Wooden Faces 1000x507

A new band has emerged! And they are going to release their first album at Gentlemen Recordings! The band is called The Wooden Faces and one of the guys is an old friend of ours: Dan Donnelly.

The Wooden Faces is comprised of a younger producer and drummer and two older musicians. Anth Mills is a 30 something producer and drummer who stated that anything could be done by a computer and still sound as good as an old amp or compressor or echo chamber. He has worked with Northern Irish rock band Therapy?. Jimmy Nail and many other artists so Dan Donnelly (we released his album ‘Are We Having Fun?‘) and Goulven Hamel had to consider this argument. So began an argument about analogue versus digital recording…

First album

That is how the album ‘Flying The Wrong Way‘ came into being. The album will be released on Friday May 15th. It was recorded two ways at the same time. Each signal was split, one going to a reel to reel tape recorded and one going to a computer. The album will be released on cassette and digital download. In buying the album you get two versions. One has never been turned into digital information. It has been recorded, mixed and mastered with only analogue equipment directly on to cassette. The digital download has been edited, mixed and mastered using cutting edge technology and saved as a file.

The price of the cassette + digital downloads will be €9,99. You can pre order the album now in our shop.