Big Baby’s second single is coming!

Big Baby Talk About Us packshot

Season 1, Episode 2

Big Baby comes with a new, second, single. Following on from the highly acclaimed, and RTE Radio 1 playlisted not once but twice, debut “Shine On”, “Talk About Us” is the second episode from Big Baby, the musical collaborative born in lockdown. This single was recorded by a number of artists in studios from London to LA. “Talk About Us” has hip hop flavours and a sunshine melody to keep your spirits up this fall.Everyone needs more sunshine melodies during these rainy autumn days. Big Baby is a good medicine, for the whole world ;).

We still don’t know who Big Baby are. All we know is that they had a good musical education ;). The world is gonna enjoy this new single. It is a headphones on, volume up, and stroll through the city song. “Talk About Us” will be released on October 30 and available to pre save now!