Victories At Sea release new album

Album cover

Victories at Sea released their brand new album ‘Everybody’s Lost and All I Want Is to Leave’ on Friday 21st February 2020. It’s their second studio album. Recorded on the shores of Loch Fyne and mixed in their native Birmingham, the album refines and redefines the sound of Victories at Sea.

The location of recording has had a marked influence on the album. The vast landscapes of Loch Fyne are there in the grandeur and sky scraping ambition of the already heard ‘When the Dark’, the changeability of the weather mirrored in the skittering melodies, looming builds and sudden explosion of ‘Late’; the shift from calm to cloud to downpour made melody.

The switch from what JP White, lead singer and lyricist describes as being, ‘far from the electric daylight of city evenings’, during recording to that very cityscape created a tension within the album that confronts this nature seeped creation with mechanics and artificiality.

So, the sweeping melodies and delicate piano interludes of album opener, ‘One Last Time’, are abruptly interrupted by a crescendo of closing noise that brings to mind the hectic, circular motion of rush hour traffic on Birmingham’s inner ring road. Single ‘Follow You’ delivers a seemingly straightforward and direct verse / chorus moment of ear worm brilliance only to abruptly skip and slide into a locked machine groove, the sound of Birmingham’s industrial past breaking through the sheen of modernity.

If this sounds ambitious, maybe even a little pretentious, then that is a charge that Victories at Sea are happy to rebut. ‘Everybody’s Lost and All I Want Is to Leave’ was conceived and realised as a statement. A permanent marker of the pinnacle of the trio’s possible creation, an honest and direct expression of the collective power of the three band members.

‘Everybody’s Lost and All I Want Is to Leave’ is more than a collection of songs, it stands as a collective of artistic work designed at every point to demonstrate a belief in the power of the album, the power of music, the power of words.

Good first reactions

The new album got some nice reviews from Chaos Magazine and Dump Magazine. The release party in Birmingham (home port of the band) was a big success.

Chaos Magazine

It exudes an atmosphere of wave in a modern jacket on which White Lies, for example, has a patent.

Dump Magazine

When you listen to the album, you imagine yourself in a floating dream, a journey from melancholic feelings to blissful reassurance.

See photos from the release party, the album cover and the vinyl below.

‘Everybody’s Lost and All I Want Is to Leave’ is available on limited edition gatefold vinyl, CD and digital download in our shop.