Miles & Erica


‘We Came Here To Work͛ is the third studio album by The Wonder Stuff͛s Miles Hunt and Erica Nockalls. Having celebrated the band͛s 30th anniversary in 2016 with a new album and an extensive touring schedule the duo decided to head into calmer waters at the beginning of this year by returning to their acoustic project. When asked about the release of a third Hunt/Nockalls album Hunt replied ͞”As much as I love rockin͛ out with the band there is a side to me that enjoys a more relaxed approach to making music.

Erica and I have been touring as an acoustic duo for ten years now and we thought it was about time we added some new material to our acoustic arsenal͟. Remarking on the differences between the music the duo write for their acoustic project and the music they write for The Wonder Stuff Hunt said ͞The music that The Wonder Stuff make is for nights out with your friends, what Erica and I have hopefully done with ͚We Came Here To Work͛ is made music for nights spent at home in more genteel company͟. Peppered with Hunt͛s trademark acerbic lyrics and Nockalls͛ pleasingly angular string arrangements ͚We Came Here To Work͛ is a stark and reflective piece of work.