GM Promo: new promising post-punk single from Death Star Discotheque

Death Star Discotheque

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On Thursday 28th of May the promising single “We Are XTC / Dance” was released by Death Star Discotheque. A post-punk song that takes you back to the 80’s. The single already has got some positive responses from several countries. The band is certainly not standing still during these Corona times. The guys are working towards an EP or maybe even a complete debut album before the end of this year.

Audience massively asked for a single
Death Star Discotheque consists of singer and guitarist Michel (from The Galactic Lo-Fi Orchestra), drummer Roelof (from Plunk) and Eugene. All three grew up in the new-wave / post-punk of the late 80s. Ramones, Hüsker Dü and Joy Division are some of many bands of inspiration. But newer bands such as Fontaines DC and Murder Capital are also well listened to.

Death Star Discotheque started in late 2018. Their first self-titled EP from 2019 was received with rave reviews. In March 2020 the single “Wasting Time” was released, and now, two months later, they have a potential hit with “We Are XTC / Dance”. During live shows the song was picked up so well that the audience asked en masse when the band would release it as a single. They were so eager to listen, but it was nowhere online. The band has listened carefully to its audience, so now the time has finally come: “We Are XTC / Dance” has been released as a long awaited single.

The song is not so much about the use of XTC, but more about enjoying life. ‘Dance’ represents the adrenaline rush. The message can be described as “live now, get the most out of it”. “In life we ​​all have to deal with setbacks and less pleasant things, but we always have to keep going.” On that way, this song can be fascinating for everyone. And now in times of the Corona virus, the feeling of always have to keep going applies even more.

Experienced trio turns out to be a golden combination
Together the men bring a good dose of experience to the band. Michel has played in over ten other bands since 1986. All three have provided support for large bands, such as Heideroosjes, Peter Pan Speedrock, Nada Surf and Weezer.

The trio turns out to be a golden combination. One song after another came out of the studio, making it easy to arrange live shows quickly. The 2019 agenda quickly filled up, with a tour trough Germany. For example, the Wild at Heart in Berlin was introduced to the trio from Eindhoven, where the reactions were purely positive.

Death Star Discotheque may consist of three “old hands”, they have the energy of young dogs. 2020 was also well planned until the Corona virus came. But they certainly didn’t sit on their lazy ass. In the Effenaar they played a show as a live stream as part of the Isolation Sessions. And they continue to write and record new songs.

If it’s up to the band, there will be an EP or even a complete debut album at the end of this year. And if possible, a tour through England in 2021. They have been eager for months to release their now perfected single and perform live. In short: big plans.

Band: Death Star Discotheque
Single: We Are XTC / Dance
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