Versari is a French post-punk/rock band with French lyrics. Band members are Jean-Charles Versari (guitar/vocals), Laureline Prod’Homme (bass), and Cyril Bilbeaud (drums). Their music draws from “Chanson” to Post-punk, from Noise to Post-hardcore, painting with pallet knives – thunderstorm landscapes, where a white sun breaks through.

The trio is cast in one, the guitars radiate and roam with intent with the support of an understated yet powerful rhythm section. Bass and drums are intensely precise, elegant and seductive.

Their music is the heir of a dark and literary genre. Taking as much from the English and the French culture, they are freed from both.

On Friday 17th of July Versari release Sous La Peau (“Under The Skin“), their third album. It affirms, with strength and power, a new skin after shedding: an exorcism, a rebirth. Incendiary lyrics: Jean-Charles Versari sings stories of purifying pyres: burning lies and false pretenses.

Drawing their influence from the French style of song writing, post-punk and post hardcore sensibilities, the new album is a statement for Versari: an evolution from their previous album, Ostinato (2013).

Sous La Peau proudly features guest musician Adrian Utley (founding member of the iconic trip-hop band, Portishead).

Some quotes about the band:

  • “Alternating between raw energy and felt-like atmospheres, darkness is the word, as well as sensuality.” (À découvrir absolument)
  • “[…] one of the decade’s freshest post-punk sounds” (
  • “Post-punk to the guts, hypnotic by essence, “Sous la peau” keeps digging into human nature misery as a vital force.” (Muzzart)