Marcel Verhaar

NovaWilde is a band of four best friends from Rotterdam, the Netherlands, brought together by their love of worthless jokes and timeless music. NovaWilde’s indie rock mixes influences ranging from bands like Arctic Monkeys and Queens of the Stone Age to concepts like the universe, love and loss. Live, they are a powerful plea for the genuine rock show: a thought-out set that takes you from deliberate silence to a sonic earthquake.

After 4 years doing gigs around the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium, the comrades decided to say ‘fuck it’ and quit their old band; a garage rockband called The Four. A year later, they reunited in a studio hotel in Friesland, near the Cultural Capital of Europe (yes, really). They wrote new music, argued over a name and shaped their concept of the modern band; reinvigorating their ambition and love of music.

All the band’s work, from original music to photography and videography, is created and curated by its members. This serves not only as a creative outlet, but makes NovaWilde a unified experience.

NovaWilde will release their debut self-titled EP this spring. After the release, they will play shows, create music and release content indefinitely in cooperation with record label Gentlemen Recordings and booking agency Rise.