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Ruining Everything (2022)

C48 (2013)

The Bitter Lie (1995)



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Some heroes just seem destined to be unsung. Take Doctor (a.k.a. Sean)Millar. His twenty of making records have not exactly been the stuff of chart domination, but theeffect of his work has been felt keenly in many other circles. If ever the phrase ‘musician’s musician’ could be deemed appropriate, it is surely in this particular case.

Artists such as Damien Rice, Jack Lukeman, Gavin Friday and Tom Dunne have sung Sean Millar’s songs and praised his musical and lyrical style. Hotpress named him ‘Ireland’s best singer/songwriter’ and an Irish Times journalist described Sean’s lyrical works “the best collection of short stories I have never read”.

In his own way, Sean has been brewing his own brand of beautiful crafted songs, in a tradition set by people like Leonard Cohen, Lou Reed and Tom Waits. It brought him more praise and good press than records sold, but it didn’t stop him just releasing his 2012 album, Of The People, on cassette tape. Yes, you read that well. On cassette tape.

  • “Doctor Millar’s These Days is the track that changed in my life” – Paolo Nutini
  • “The first time I saw Dr.Millar was years ago in The Da Club, a small musicvenue that used to exist in Clarendon Market. I remember he came on stage andlooked a little nervous. He fumbled a bit, said hi and then started to play. It wasamazing. He was so different to everyone else playing that night. His dark,honest lyrics. His terribly good melodies. So raw. And he sang so low. Iremember trying to sing along under my breath to see if I could reach the notes.He is someone who has made me think about music. I still love the songs ‘Happy Can Be’ and ‘Alcohol Problem” – Damien Rice
  • “Extremely affecting…” – The Sunday Herald
  • “SeanMillar has once again created a masterpiece” – Hot Press
  • “Prescribed listening” – Mail on Sunday
  • “Full of honesty and integrity” – The Journalist
  • “You won’t hear a better album of original material by an Irish artist thisyear” –
  • “One of Irelands greatest songwriters” – Hotpress.
  • “He’s the poet laureate of Dublin’s dark side, an inner-city visionary who sees theugliness beneath the cosmopolitan façade and the beauty in the forgottencorners of the capital.” – The Irish Times
  • “An Irish national treasure” – The Irish Times
  • “Millaris half Leonard Cohen and half Jarvis Cocker… he remains Irelands bestlyricist”– The RTE Guide.