Grenadeers released second single “Stranglehold”

Grenadeers - Stranglehold (artwork)

Stranglehold is the second single from the upcoming EP by dutch alternative rockband Grenadeers. The song deals with the familiar story of not fitting in, being casted out, trying to serve an environment that doesn’t serve you.

The band draws on first hand experience, as frontman Siep van Rijswijk was a highschool dropout and had troubles to find his way within the educational system. Eventually he found a safe harbour in music, and the song reflects the feeling of empowerment this brought about. 

A song for all the misfits
‘Stranglehold’ poses critique on how society deals with eccentric people: they’re perceived as an inconvenient disruption within the general course of affairs. But most of all, Stranglehold is a song for all the misfits.

This new track is the successor to the successful first single ‘Single Filter Exit’, which received very good critical acclaim, and which, among other things, spent weeks at the top of the IndieXL Free40 Chart and could count on airplay in England and Australia.

Go check ‘Stranglehold’ out!

“Stranglehold” is now available as a digital single in our webshop. Or check it out on Spotify or YouTube: